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primaria mioveniIt’s online the E-Voice Survey. This anonymous questionnaire was created as part of the E-Voice project as a tool to assess the impact of the Pandemic on 4 areas of analysis: educational poverty, bad habits, mental health and unemployment.

It is divided into 5 sections, including a general one, one for students 15-29 and a final one to measure the perception of the involvement of citizens, particularly young people, on post-Covid -19 decision-making processes.

All people over the age of 15 can answer the questionnaire to help measure the impacts of the Pandemic in different countries and the level of citizen involvement. To respond, click on the following link:


The questionnaire is in English, but you can opt for one of the languages of the partner countries, namely: Italian, French, English, Spanish, Croatian, Bulgarian, and German.

Completion takes 3 minutes of your time-we are waiting for your contribution!
Thanks for your collaboration!

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