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building resilient comunities

It's called E-voice, A voice for Europe, the new European project developed by the Culture office of the municipality of Gazzo and awarded by the European Union for the next two-year period 2023-2024.

In fact, the European Commission financed the international solidarity project presented by the Municipality of Gazzo, with the collaboration of the Community Policies Office of the Province of Padua, as part of the Community program "Cerv (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values) - Networks of city". The project involves 7 European countries with 8 partners: Italy with the Municipality of Gazzo (lead partner) and the Province of Padua, Croatia with the Municipality of Šibenik, Romania with the twin city of Mioveni, Belgium with the Acr+ Association ( Association of cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management), Bulgaria with the Union of Municipalities on the Black Sea Ubbsla, Spain with the Famsi association (Fundo Andaluz de Municipios para la solidaridad internacional) and France with the Alda Association ( Association Europeenne pour la Demoicratie locale) based in Strasbourg, to which the municipality of Gazzo is associated.

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E-voice Project