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With a population of about 930,000 inhabitants and an area of 2,142 km², the Province of Padua is part of a network of 102 Municipalities and represents the local government that promotes the economic, social and territorial development of its area.

The Community Policies Office of the Province of Padua has gained various experiences in the field of European funded projects.

During the 2007 - 2013 programming period, the Province of Padua participated as a partner in various projects including: two projects financed by the Italy-Slovenia Program, "Croctal" and "Interbike", on cycle-pedestrian paths and waterways; two projects financed by the South East Europe Programme, "Geosee" on the enhancement of geothermal resources and "Thetris" on the enhancement of religious routes; 2 projects financed by the IPA ADRIATIC CBC Program, "Tisar" on the multimodal transport system and "Adriatic Route" on thematic tourism.

As regards the cooperation period 2014-2020, the Province has been involved as a partner in the project, financed by the Alpine Space Programme, "SaMBA - Sustainable Mobility Behaviors in the Alpine Region" in order to promote the change in mobility habits by reducing the perception of the gap between sustainable transport methods and the private car through reward/price policies.

The Province of Padua was also the leader of the "MUS.NET. - Museum Network" project financed by the Creative Europe program whose objective was to promote small museums to new categories of potential visitors, according to the most advanced examples of Audience Development and use of new technologies, in line with the "EU Work Plan for Culture 2015-2018".

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